“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done”– Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done” – Gary Vaynerchuk

EP105: Steven Lawson: The Monk Manual: Living an Organized & Fulfilled Life

The clock is always ticking. Despite most of us staying at home, a lot of you may still find yourselves rushing through the day just to catch up on your workload. The business world says to focus on more, master outcomes, and pursue a life of independence. On the other side of the spectrum, monks say we should focus on less, master the self, and pursue a life of trust.

Steven Lawson created the Monk Manual after spending a decade pushing himself to every limit in the workforce. Once he slowed down, looked around, and realized something was wrong, he went on a soulful journey that led him to develop a set of principles and beliefs rooted in psychology and inspired by the wisdom of monks. The Monk Manual is the first of several practical tools designed to achieve peaceful being and purposeful doing.

On this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Steven and Jason talk about how to live a fuller life and how to apply monastic principles to the modern day grind.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Steven Lawson? [0:17]
  • How did you come up with the idea and why did you find the need for the Monk Manual? [1:05]
  • Why is planning so important? [03:55]
  • Can you explain further your idea of where most problems come from? [07:17]
  • Why is the 90-day system so important to you? [8:53]
  • What are the major differences between the Monk Manual and other planners that are out on the market? [11:18]
  • What did you have in mind for someone who uses this after 90 days? [14:57]
  • What advice do you have for the listeners to become more productive? [17:11]
  • You built a great business out of just one core product – how were you able to do that? Most people would feel they need to have many products to get to your level. [23:25]
  • How much does spirituality play a role in your success? [26:20]
  • You recognize patterns a lot. What type of patterns are there and how did those help you? How could we get better at recognizing patterns? [29:13]
  • What’s your parting advice for the listeners right now? [36:51]

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