“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done”– Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done” – Gary Vaynerchuk

EP90: Kurt Elster: Shopify Mastery

Kurt Elster is one of the most highly regarded independent consultants in his industry. He's a senior ecommerce consultant who helps Shopify merchants like Jay Leno's Garage, uncover hidden profits in their websites through his ecommerce agency Ethercycle, with 1 million downloads. Kurt is also best known for hosting the unofficial Shopify podcast.

On today’s episode, Kurt talks about how to turn a Shopify store into a revenue-generating powerhouse of persuasion.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Kurt Elster? [00:20]
  • Why Shopify? [12:22]
  • What is the checklist that you go through with conversion rate optimization? [15:05]
  • What are some of those obvious problems that you come across right off the bat? [18:09]
  • How do you figure out where you need to start testing? [20:50]
  • What are some of the benchmark numbers? [22:37]
  • What are some of the main things that you find to annoy shoppers on a site? [25:19]
  • What are some of the ingredients needed in a store in order to succeed? [28:32]
  • Why is the “Back” button a merchant's biggest competitor? [31:42]
  • What are some of the main must-have apps for Shopify stores? [39:15]
  • What is the best way to run an exit popup? [46:53]
  • What advice can you give to those who want to build their own Shopify store? [50:47]

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