EP181: Jason Portnoy: Ask Jason Q&A Show 7

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“Ask Jason” is a new weekly segment where Jason Portnoy responds to questions submitted by his listeners. This week, we’re tackling a handful of relevant topics for small business owners, including those in the marketing and e-commerce spaces. 

In this episode, Jason touches upon a variety of topics, such as marketing without the internet, when you should get a coach or mentor, how luck factors into your success, and even Jason’s personal thoughts on parenthood.

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this one! And if you’re looking for some answers to your own questions, just send them in. We might just feature them in our next episode!

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Topics Covered  

  • How did becoming a parent change you? [1:52]
  • If the internet shut off, how would you switch the way you market? Assuming audiences are still hard to sell to and you have to be creative? [5:47]
  • What made you want to be a coach and when did you get your first coach or mentor? [10:16]
  • What is something you learned about business that most people don’t want to admit? [17:30]
  • What courses have you bought that changed you and your business for the better? [21:04]
  • I’m struggling like I’m in quicksand. How do I get out of it and grow my business? [25:00]

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