EP170: Craig Ballantyne: Own Your Time

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The journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy—if it was, we wouldn’t see so many new business owners fail in the first year. You must be prepared to deal with a ton of anxiety, uncertainty, and many other challenges that will test you in every way.

So let “The World’s Most Disciplined Man” guide you—none other than Craig Ballantyne! Craig is an accomplished author, business coach, and personal trainer who is positively hellbent on helping people live their best lives. He’s come a long way since struggling with crippling anxiety when he started out as an entrepreneur. Today, Craig has built five 7-figure businesses, written 3 hit books including a Wall Street Journal best-seller, and helped thousands earn more while working less.

In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Craig Ballantyne is here to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their time and make the most of each minute. If you need some inspiration today, tune in!

Topics Covered:

  • What’s your advice for those struggling with anxiety? [3:18]
  • How do you force people to take action? [8:15]
  • Why do you think so many entrepreneurs fail? [13:21]
  • How do you tell someone that they have a bad idea? [15:50]
  • How to get people to see the value of coaching. [19:40]
  • What’s your take on “working smarter vs working harder”? [24:51]
  • Tell us about the “drunk farmer” morning routine. [28:23]

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