EP153: Kent Clothier — From Real Estate to Real Life

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When you’re working in an industry as competitive as real estate, you tend to pick up a lot of skills and insights that help you grow not just as an entrepreneur, but as a person.

Real estate king Kent Clothier is a shining example of this. He’s been an entrepreneur pretty much his whole life. For 13 years, he’s worked hard to build a small startup into the almost $2 billion company we know today as Real Estate Worldwide. He enjoys his amazing life as both an entrepreneur and a family man, as a proud husband and father to his three wonderful kids.

In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Kent Clothier joins Jason to share some important real estate advice, as well as motivational tips that will inspire you to keep pushing. You don't want to miss this!

Topics Covered:

  • Give us a little background on your entrepreneurial journey. [1:05]
  • How does anyone get started in real estate? [4:29]
  • How real estate has been romanticized [10:49]
  • What’s your take on investing in different kinds of funds? [12:03]
  • Why are teaching and coaching so important to you? [17:11]
  • Why is being able to teach other people so important to you? [19:08]
  • What holds people back from realizing their potential? [22:12]
  • In a world of social media flexing, how do you know who the right people are? [25:10]
  • What is your take on compounding and its relation to growth? [29:06]
  • What’s your advice for people who have gotten comfortable and have started to coast? [32:23]
  • What happens when there’s a disconnect between what you’re doing and your purpose? [35:38]
  • One book and movie that every entrepreneur should check out [38:07]
  • What is your biggest regret in business? [40:21]
  • Best podcast host you’ve ever come across? [41:17]

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