EP152: Tom Smyth: Building Your Dream Business and Life

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Life is a fight. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro athlete or an entrepreneur—you will have countless battles to face, and these will come in all shapes and forms. But it’s how you deal with adversity that will determine your success.

 Let Tom Smyth show you how to take the hits and keep getting back up. He has struggled with addiction throughout his life but now uses his newfound strength to make healthy decisions, inspire others, and put himself and his family in the best position to succeed. He’s a highly successful entrepreneur and was even named Businessman of the Year in 2021, and has been a speaker and mentor at the Grant Cardone Licensee Program. 

In this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Tom Smyth joins Jason Portnoy to give some good old-fashioned motivational advice not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone who may need to hear it. Prepare yourself for one of our most heartfelt and inspiring episodes yet.

Topics Covered:

  • How has Tom’s background impacted his entrepreneurial journey? [1:15]
  • How do you strike a balance between trying to manifest your goals and actually taking steps to achieve them? [11:20]
  • How do you know if you’re doing enough on your own, and when is it time to seek help from a coach? [14:14]
  • What was it like coaching Molly McCann? What were you coaching her on? [15:11]
  • What are the similarities between coaching an MMA fighter and an entrepreneur? [18:11]
  • As an entrepreneur or an athlete, no one can really put in the work or take the hits for you, and it can be lonely. What advice can you give those who are struggling with this harsh reality? [20:49]
  • What are some of the most common mistakes that people make? [22:08]
  • Do you think a lot of people nowadays are their own worst enemies? [23:23]
  • How did Tom get over self-doubt? [24:14]
  • What is his dream formula for making healthy decisions? [25:16]
  • What made him decide to write his book? [27:49]
  • Is his book the blueprint for overcoming self-doubt? [28:50]
  • Why did Tom join the Grant Cardone Licensee Program? [29:59]
  • What does he still want to accomplish? [31:25]
  • What’s his advice for entrepreneurs who are currently stuck in a rut? [32:42]

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