“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done”– Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done” – Gary Vaynerchuk

EP131: Ezra Firestone: The Core Principles of eCommerce

There is no stopping Ezra Firestone. Considered one of the pioneers in the eCommerce industry, he operates multiple seven- and eight-figure businesses. He is the founder of Smart Marketer, a trusted resource for building a profitable enterprise, and the CEO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. In 2016, he created Zipify Apps: a software development company focused on Shopify.

Ezra is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs. He has helped countless business owners thrive and get the results they want for their businesses.

In this exciting new episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Ezra shares the crucial core principles for building successful eCommerce brands and his pursuit of a meaningful life. 

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Ezra Firestone? [00:20] 
  • What are the most important fundamentals when growing your eCommerce business? [07:37]
  • Is there more to growing your brand than Facebook ads? [10:17]
  • What questions does Ezra ask internally on making their product better? [10:51] 
  • Essential tips for building a community around a brand [14:00]
  • What does Ezra think about diversification with attribution now being so gray? [17:44]
  • What’s the ideal revenue to spend on marketing? [20:50]
  • How often does Ezra sit down with his team and dial up on numbers? [23:25]
  • What media buying look like for Ezra? [27:29]
  • Can you run a business today without paid ads? [29:00]
  • What would Ezra do if he couldn’t run ads? [30:19] 
  • How often does Ezra see a traffic problem disguised as failure to convert traffic? [30:58]
  • How important is awareness when it comes to growing a business and dominating a market? [32:05]
  • Most important software needed to grow your eCommerce business [33:55] 
  • What are the biggest holdbacks of brands that are doing 6 figures scaling to 7 figures? [35:41]
  • How did Ezra achieve his success while enjoying his life? [37:24]
  • With Ezra’s multiple ventures, which line of business does he recommend others to try? [47:11] 
  • What is behind Ezra’s slogan “Serve the world unselfishly and profit” and what does it mean to him? [53:06] 
  • Why is it important for Ezra to teach people what he knows? [55:41] 

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