“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done”– Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done” – Gary Vaynerchuk

EP 62: Tim Storey: Connecting to Our Purpose and The Miracle Mindset

Most of us know how it feels to sit back and wait for our lives to get fulfilling. We feel like we're doing the work but going nowhere. It's only when we get aligned with our purpose, our gifts and our highest calling that we can move forward to do the incredible things we dreamed about as children.

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach helping people create the future they desire. He has inspired people from all walks of life using seasoned foundational principles and humor to help them overcome the obstacles that are holding them back, and he often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries. Aside from his speaking, Tim partners with phenomenal organizations to spread love and hope, such as the Fred Jordan Mission in Los Angeles' Skid Row, Music Unites Day in Los Angeles' Compton schools and Kid's Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tim is featured on nationally-syndicated Keep the Faith Radio each weekend, providing short inspirational moments and was a featured guest on Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday, Steve Harvey TV and many more. Tim has authored multiple books with the most recent, Comeback & Beyond, being a top seller on Amazon.

On this episode of the Perfectly Mentored podcast, Jason and Tim dive deep on shedding what we think we know, getting unstuck and moving forward, finding your “favor” in order to get in alignment and the amazing things that happen when we nurture our Miracle Mindset. Listen in to begin unlocking the version of you that achieves without inhibitions.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Dave Asprey and What Do Celebrities, Leaders, and You and I All Have to Learn? [00:15]
  • How Did the “Comeback King” Get His Start? [00:55]
  • What's the Secret to the Tim Storey Energy? [2:44]
  • What Does It Mean to Adapt? [4:28]
  • What's the Difference Between a Comeback, a Go-Back and a Setback? [6:26]
  • How Can We Begin to Focus on the Door in Front of Us? [9:54]
  • What is the “Discount Version” of a Person? [12:17]
  • Why Are We Being Pressured Toward Average? [13:53]
  • What if It's Just Not Happening for Me? [16:37]
  • Can A Person Spend Too Much Time On One Step of Their Harvest? [17:47]
  • How Do I Know if I Planted the Right Seeds? [19:38]
  • What is It Like Interacting with Oprah? [20:25]
  • Is that “It Factor” Natural or Developed? [21:54]
  • Why Do People Breeze Past Mindset? [23:44]
  • How Do I Get in Alignment? [26:26]
  • How Do I Snap Out of “Singular” Thinking? [29:02]
  • Why Do We Lack the Motivation to Really Change? [31:15]
  • What's the Temptation to Compare Ourselves About? [33:55]
  • Where's My Moment in the Spotlight and What is the Key to Being At Peace with Yourself? [36:34]
  • How Do I Access the “Miracle Mindset”? [40:56]
  • I Keep Getting Punched in the Face – How do I Get Back Up? [43:00]
  • Where Can I Reach Tim and How Does Execution Factor into Manifesting? [45:49]

Connect with Tim Storey

Connect with Jason Portnoy

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