“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done”– Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s one of the best (interviews) I’ve ever done” – Gary Vaynerchuk


EP4: Manu Goswami: Social Entrepreneurship and Story Telling

Manu “Swish” Goswami is a 21-year-old serial tech entrepreneur, LinkedIn Youth Editor, TEDx speaker, Fortune 500 consultant, venture capitalist and UN Youth Ambassador. Recipient of UN’s Outstanding Youth Leadership Award, Startup Canada’s Young Entrepreneur Award, and Plan Canada’s Top 20 under 20. ——————————— 2:07: On immigrating to Canada to Ted-X speaker/ Influencer/Disruptor and social entrepreneur…

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EP3: Jordan Syatt: Marketing, The Long Game & Fitness World

Jordan Syatt is a strength & nutrition coach with several powerlifting world records. He’s the personal trainer for Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee) and an entrepreneur who recently launched his own coffee brand (www.unicornmagiccoffee.com). He’s hugely popular on Instagram (www.instagram.com/syattfitness) and has been featured in a variety of outlets like CNN and the Huffington Post. ————- Key…

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EP2: Anna Shilina: Optimal Business Mindset

On this episode we chat with Anna Shilina, CEO at Akuna Media and Author, Speaker, Coach at Annashilina.com. Anna discusses the hot buzzword: “Mindset” and how important it is to shift it for optimal performance. ————— Key Time Stamps: 2:50: “Mindset” is the hot topic and buzzword that’s been taking off, why do you think…

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EP1: Stan Way: Becoming Great at Sales

On this episode we chat with Stan Way, founder of Peak Sales Results. Stan discusses sales tactics in 2018 and what everyone can do to become a better at selling! ————— Time Stamps: 4:14: What’s the number one misconception people have about sales people 7:42: Can great sales skills be taught or are you born…

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